10 hard facts about erections that every guy needs to know


Getting an erection several times a day is part and parcel of being a healthy and normal dude. But it’s not as simple as getting hard when you’re sexually aroused. In fact, there are a ton of weird reasons as to when and why you pop a boner. All men (and women) would be very interested to hear these 10 facts.
Being Hung

If you’re ever in the situation where you’re about to be hung to death (knock on wood), there’s a big chance you’ll pop a semi. This is also known as “angel lust.”


Smoking can decrease the length of your boner by up to 0.4 inches. So while you may think you’re looking cool with a cigarette in your mouth in high school, you may not be as cool in the bedroom.

If you’re on the chubby side, Cornell University suggests that you’re more prone to erectile dysfunction. Their study argues that men with a waist size of 40 inches or more can cause a bit of a “downer” in between the sheets (excuse the pun).

Oral Sex

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An actual study concluded that men who received oral sex before intercourse measured a larger boner than if they had pleasured themselves.

Sex Injuries

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It is possible to “break” your penis and no, it doesn’t snap in half. The blood vessels can burst causing painful swelling. According to the UK’s National Health Service, one third of these cases occur when your partner is on top.


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The amount of times you masturbate makes a difference in size. If you haven’t gotten off in a few days, the blood flow to your member increases, thus giving you a bigger rod.


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Not all, but some men do have a condom-associated erection problem. In layman’s terms, condoms may actually be a legit boner kill.

Grower VS. Shower

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Research shows that men with a smaller man-part experience erections that increase in size much more than men with larger man-parts. Basically, smaller winkies equal growers and larger winkies equal showers.


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You can ejaculate even when you’re flaccid or semi-hard. It can occur when you experience electrostim (if you’re wearing really tight pants), or if you’re giving prostate stimulation a go.

In Utero

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You may think that your first erection was when you were in elementary school after finding your dad’s Playboy’s or figuring out the internet had an abundance of free porn. But in actuality, your first hard-on usually occurs as early on as in the womb during your mom’s third trimester.