10 Ingenious Bra Hacks That’ll Definitely Change Your Life For The Better


Bras are going to much less of a perster once you’ve gone under this initiation of knowledge about how to manage your bras and make them slave to you instead of the other way around!

All you need are these hacks.

1. Never fold the cups of a push-up bra into the other one.


Doing so disfigures the cup which will make your bra loose shape faster than it naturally does with the shape of the cup changing uncomfortably.


2. Instead, hang them on a hanger to keep the shape of the cup intact.


This keeps the cup size and shape constantly perfect and allows you to store more bras than usual!


3. Use a paper clip to your regular bra into a racerback.


Easy does it!


4. Sew the cups to your backless dresses to keep the support as well as sport a stunning backless.


Now you’ll be ready to rock the dress without losing support!


5. Make a strapless bra stay into place with the help of a convertible strap.


The strap will make sure your bra does no slide down the evil road. 😛


6. Sew a piece of cloth with sewed in clasps to the shoulders of your tee to keep your bra strap in place.


This will keep your bra from going rogue on you.


7. Turn your straps into back straps if you’re wearing a low back shirt.


If you’re wearing a low back or a semi-backless shirt, this hack is your best friend. You can use convertible straps to hook onto both ends of your bra to give it a stylish look and still rock that backless without showing the entire back of you bra!


8. Use a pad to wrap around a broken wire of your bra.


If you’re out and accidentally you’re wired bra tries to kill ou, the sanitary pad is your go to guy. Just cut a piece and patch it around the wire to keep it in place till at least you get home.


9. Always wear a T-shirt when trying a new bra.


Sometimes when trying a new bra it might seem perfect, but as soon as you wear clothes over it, the shit hits the fan. So whenever you go bra shopping, wear a tee shirt because if a bra is perfect for a tee shirt, it’s perfect for everything else.


10. Always make sure you get the right fit instead of the right size.


It really doesn’t matter what size it is, if it isn’t the right fit. Size measurements change brand to brand so the easiest of knowing the right is by checking it with your own little hand. If the back strap allows your entire fist to fit through, then it’s too loose. Make sure only two fingers are fitting through because that bra is your companion for life (its life lasts about 9 months :P).