10 Reasons Men Cheat On Their Women On Various Occasions


Relationships are a really tough thing to handle if the companion is not sensible and open minded. It gets tougher when the girl gets obsessed with it and seeks nothing else than the guy. From kisses, sex and relationships everything dissatisfy the girls sometimes making the guy a horn-dog; BUT this title is not for every man. Sometimes the man feels to be in heaven around their girl but sometimes they  just don’t wish to even be near them. They seek for external love at those times. What could be the reason? Is she not pretty and understanding or not loving him? Well, there are many ways to find out why they do it.

1.Understanding Behavior

Rear view of a couple sitting on beach with woman leaning head on man's shoulder

Men report that girls with non-understanding behavior tend to offend them making them feel lonely and without support. So it is important to understand and accept the facts sometimes.

2. Schedule

Girls who tend to stay busy on their schedule and don’t take out times for their men tend to lose them making them seek for the one who’s available and can love them at the time.

3.Sexual Desire


Men do not go easy with girls who do not sexually stay active with them and throws tantrums for being in bed and making out. Men like experimenting with their loved one so that they could stay active and love the one more passionately.


Girls who are always dissatisfied with their men does the biggest mistake. You should understand it that being in a relationship is not easy and must be understood at times. Some days could come when you’d not have what all you wanted but you should be happy with the fact that he truly is committed towards you.



Girls who lie to men frequently about their life which could be on any topic must STOP. Lies bring a crack in between and can turn off men and can develop distrust.

6.Non-Financial Support

Girls who financially don’t work and spends on their expenditure more on the money on their men can be a reason to your heartbreak. So watch out and do something in life which can support them in any way.


Girls who control their men way more than needed can break the silence of your men. It is important to be feasible and let things go easily.

8. Sensibility

It is important for girls to be sensible and understanding around your men. There can be days when you’d need to help him or give him some advice and if you won’t be mature enough to tackle the situation then things can go wrong.

9. House Management


Girls who do not manage their and their guy’s life and house properly can down your men. Your man is already working to run the house thus it is important for you to also manage the house.

10. Right Decisions

Girls who do not make right decisions by time turn off men. Men need stronger women in supporting their life and running everything smoothly.

So if you can relate it to any of your life then do make things right and work accordingly so that he stays true to you and the spark doesn’t fade away in your relationship.
Only a DOUCHE-BAG will be the one who won’t understand your love and cheat without a reason. Trust me.  Be the girl he could never leave than being the one he seeks to escape from, because life is about loving. 🙂