10 Ridiculously Cheap Ways To Organize Your Bathroom


It may seem silly, but bathroom organization is important. It’s where you get ready in the morning, where you wash off the stresses of the day and, of course, where you handle all sorts of business.

Creating an environment that’s free of clutter and chaos is important when it comes to bathroom organization, and these cheap tricks will help you on your way!

10. Drawer Organizer

bathroom organization

Keep your makeup handy by using a kitchen drawer organizer. They come in all shapes and sizes for your convenience.

9. Command Hooks

bathroom organization

Command hooks are super cheap and super easy to use! Place them inside cupboards to hand hot tools or other bulky items to keep them out of the way.

8. Plastic Caddies

bathroom organization

Place simple plastic caddies and shelves inside your bathroom cupboards and medicine cabinet. This little trick is affordable and life changing!

7. Cookie Jar

bathroom organization

Why not put all your pretty polishes on display?! Glass cookie jars can be found at almost any store and make for a great way to keep your collection under control.

6. Hanging Baskets

bathroom organization

Hang some baskets from towel racks to give you ample storage and a chic bathroom look.

5. PVC Holder

bathroom organization

Paint a PVC pipe a fun color, and use it to hold your blow dryer and flat iron.

4. Decorative Makeup Brush Cup

bathroom organization

Make a pretty makeup brush holder instead of cramming them in your bathroom drawer.

3. Mason Jar Rack

bathroom organization

Create your own mason jar rack to store everyday items.

2. Magazine File

Bathroom organization

Store hair tools (not when hot!) in a cute magazine file.

1. Racks On Racks

bathroom organization

Stack inexpensive plastic racks inside your bathroom cupboard. It’ll practically double the size of your storage space!