10 Ways to Recycle Old Tires


Tires are fun. Ain’t nobody gonna try and argue with me on that one. They’re just…fun. So take that fun and roll with it (get it? Roll…tires…okay). Recycle, but do it right. Check out these ideas for how.


The tire serves as a base, but the rest of the tutorial is actually quite simple and easy. Totally trying this.


Use some rope to cover that bad boy for a finished product that will wow.




This is a tire flipped inside out. I am delighted by its brilliance. Paint it (inside out) and add some flowers for a tire that literally never looked so good.


All you have to do: cut the tire. Paint it. Add a piece of wood. Nail them together. Watch your kids love you madly.


I am so thrilled by this one. Paint that tire and then hang it in a nearby tree. It looks so suave and chic, but it’s just a tire! I love this. American dream right here.4

This one just blows my mind. Seriously. Total transformation! Think how comfy it would be to sit on this bad boy. Basically, it’s a tire covered in fabric.


Stack a few, add some padding and a simple center, cover it with your personal fabric choice, and thank heaven!


Paint a tire a color of your choosing and fill it with flowers. So cute. Hang it on a wall to emit personality bugs.


An obstacle course from tires. This is brilliant, right? So easy to do, the site will mostly just start your own gears going.


Turn a tire upside down, paint it till it shines, and fill it with flowers. Shh, no one will ever know what it once was.