15 Fashion Sketches Made With Nail Polish


Even if you’re not into painting your nails (or are just too lazy, like I am), it’s hard to deny the appeal of those tiny rainbow bottles lined up on the shelf. The colors are all so vibrant!

In Singapore, artist Chan Clayrene sees those shiny bottles as an extension of her art supplies, using the polishes as a key ingredient in her beautiful fashion sketches. By mixing mediums of watercolor, acrylic, and nail polish, Chan creates these stunning works, both original and inspired by specific fashion houses. Take a look!

1. Valentino green.

In this piece, Chan recreates the rich greens of this Valentino gown (Couture Spring/Summer 2016). The color just pops right off the page.


via Instagram / @artclaytion | Instagram / @maisonvalentino

2. Mixed media red.

Proving that she doesn’t need a large canvas for her work, Chan did this illustration of a lovely red dress on a postcard-sized sheet.


via Instagram / @marchesafashion | Instagram / @artclaytion

3. Ladies in White.

With white, gold, and glitter polish on black paper, these representations of the traditional Malay costume, Baju Kurung, done in lace, really pop off the page.


via Instagram / @artclaytion

4. Mak Tumang dress on water.

With a particularly neat technique of painting the polish onto plastic over a water bath, Chan can create this soft, almost abstract piece, really bringing out the colors.


via Instagram / @artclaytion | Instagram / @maktumang

5. Elie Saab gown.

This lovely peach dress is inspired by the Elie Saab Couture, Fall/Winter 2016 Collection.


via Instagram / @artclaytion

6. Garden Couture.

A vividly-colored representation of a few dresses from Valentino’s Spring 2016 Couture Collection.


via Instagram / @artclaytion

7. Pastel Dream

This trio of pretty ladies is inspired by the Spring/Summer 2016 Marchesa Collection.


via Instagram / @artclaytion

8. D. & G. Couture gown.

Look at that dress! No wonder Chan went all the way back to the Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2014 Collection to be inspired by it.

800 Instagram / @artclaytion | myfashion_diary

9. Yellow Love.

I love the addition of actual yellow flowers along the hem of this one!


via Instagram / @artclaytion

10. Fairy Blue Lady

Chan uses a watercolor base for this one, giving the nail polish details even more pop against the lovely muted blues.


via Instagram / @artclaytion

11. Rose dress.

The swirls of rose petals inspired this spectacular skirt.


via Instagram / @artclaytion

12. Shades of Gold.

Another dress inspired by the Fall/Winter 2016 Collection by Marchesa. Can you blame Chan for finding them such rich subjects? The collection is gorgeous!


via Instagram / @artclaytion | Vogue | Luca Tombolini / Indigital

13. Elie Saab Bridal.

From the Fall/Winter Haute Couture Bridal Collection 2015.


via Instagram / @artclaytion

14. Golden Globes 2016 Red Carpet.

The looks represented were worn by Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Jenna Dewan.


via Instagram / @artclaytion

15. Zuhair Murad dress.

I love the simple shape of this dress paired with the bold pattern. From Murad’s Fall/Winter 2016 Collection.


via Instagram / @artclaytion | Zuhair Murad

The artist at work!

Chan has a background in fine art but isn’t afraid to experiment in unconventional mediums. Her work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Rouge Magazine, and many other fashion publishers.


via Artclaytion

Are there any red carpet gowns you’d like to see Chan add to her portfolio? Let us know in the comments!

Main Image via Instagram / @artclayton