19 Self Defence Tips That Can Come Handy Sometimes


Life is a game on possibilities. You never know what can happen when. I’d want to be prepared to handle such situations and want you to be prepared too.

Here are a few things you can keep in mind that can come handy someday.

1. Be confident while walking down a street


There’s a lesser possibility of somebody attacking you if you don’t look unprepared or timid.


2. Let your attackers know that you are aware of their presence


Pay attention to what’s going on around you.


3. Use your nails to scratch the hell out of them


and if you have the leverage, gouge their eyes which can impair their vision, giving you enough time to run away.


4. Carry a legal weapon like electronic tasers and pepper sprays


Tase them or mace them and get the hell outta there!


5.Put the pepper spray in the compartment of your bag which is most easily accessible



6. Have your keys in your hand before you leave the building, hold a few of them in between your fingers to use as a weapon if needed


When everyday things come in handy.


7. Get yourself out of zip ties like this


It may not be easy, but it’ll get you free.


8. Memorize a few pressure points that can make all the difference


Know how to make maximum damage with minimal force eg. a weak blow to the neck can decapacitate your attacker and even result in loss of consciousness.


9. Hide your valuables in hygiene pad covers


What do thieves want? Your wallet? Yes. Feminine hygiene products? Absolutely not.


10. If they want their wallet, toss it in the opposite direction of where you’re standing and run like hell on fire


Safety more important than money.


11. If you are ever thrown into a trunk, kick out the back tail light and stick your hand out to alert other drivers


This idea is completely ingenious.


12. Yell “fire!”, this will get the attention of people around you and the attacker will let you alone because of it


Attackers are likely less to take action when you’re in the spotlight.


13. Stop someone from targeting you in an elevator by stopping at every floor


Hit all the buttons so that the doors open on every floor before your own floor comes.


14. Download a few safety apps for your phone


These apps get you in contact with your friends and the police quickly when you’re in trouble.


15. Know how to get out of a wrist hold


Twist your arm so that your palm faces downwards, push forward with your elbow and voila!


16. If you have long hair, quickly undo your ponytail  tuck it into the back of your outfit


Women, take note. Attackers go for your hair for grip and ponytails and braids are easy catch. If you let your hair down and tuck them in your garments, there’s a lower possibility of an attacker approaching you.


17. Use the heel of your palm to punch their noses


Go all Kung fu on them!


18. Slap your attackers ears with vigor


Slapping the ears results in a lot of air going into the air very fast. This’ll disorient your attacker and give you enough time to make a run for it.


19. Thrust your foot into the knees of the attacker


One needs both legs to chase someone down. A blow to the knee will slow them down.

Let us know which one of these you found most helpful, in the comment section.

Till then, stay safe. 🙂