19 tactics to Empower yourself to live a more Productive, Happier life


The block of granite which was once a disadvantage in the pathway of the vulnerable, became a stepping-stone in the pathway of the sturdy.”  Thomas Carlyle

once I used to be young, I cherished the sense of journey that went with rock hopping. across a creek, near the seashore, along a river bank I’d step, or soar, from rock to rock. Some surfaces have been slippery, some unsteady, some too small, and continuously i stopped up moist and bruised. nonetheless, I liked accepting the challenge of constructing growth in opposition to a new situation. regardless of some difficulties, every stone was once a part of the ride that ended in fulfillment, to a sense of pride and achievement.


In my grown-up life, whereas difficulties are still there to be confronted, I maintain the thrill of making progress towards new locations and new experiences. My 19 stepping stones are tried and tested ways that have helped me smooth the way ahead.

smartly, go on. just are trying a few of my 19 ways to empower your self. Who knows? perhaps you, too, will clutch the thrill and be empowered to live a extra productive and happier existence.

1. Settle for that terrible stuff happens.

the standard reaction to things no longer going your way is to resist and struggle towards them. by using accepting issues as they are, even though you don’t need them to be that approach, you’ll strengthen a extra peaceable state of mind. pronouncing a mantra will help – “I hate issues being this manner but I accept that that is my truth simply now. I’ll work through this example flippantly and resolutely.” Slowly however no doubt, you’ll empower yourself.

2. Adopt a versatile attitude.

Being flexible means you could face day-to-day adjustments without creating too great a stress reaction for your body. When something’s now not working, be ready to consider different ideas. altering your solution to meet the change in circumstances is very important for a happier and more a success future.

3. See challenges as opportunities for growth.

Ask yourself what you can examine from challenges as they arise. is that this a possibility to develop into more advantageous? by turning these scenarios into positives, you’ll steer clear of resorting to overeating and other negative behaviors – probably the most normal methods of coping.


4. Use questions to empower you.

instead of asking disempowering questions such as, “Why is that this going down to me?” use a extra positive query layout. Questions that invite creative considering are one of the best. An instance may well be, “What alternative actions might I soak up these changing cases?”

5. Exchange terrible ideas to sure.

bad ideas that harbor unhelpful beliefs handiest grasp you back from attaining. So screen your thoughts. whilst you’re conscious that they’re poor, change them instantly into sure ideas. You’ll be amazed at how so much happier and assured you’ll feel.

6. Savour change.

understand when it’s time to change direction. frequently we bring to mind exchange as bad. but alternate may also be very exciting and positive. embody new thoughts, new alternatives and new ways of living. even if exchange is tough to provoke, sometimes it’s essential.


7. Calm yourself whilst you’re getting uptight.

when you’re calm, you are in control. You’ll assume via the problem with extra clarity. Make time to listen to stress-free track, or sit quietly and visualize a spot the place you’ve been that inspires calm and contentment. it will will let you focal point on what’s actually essential.

8. Consider you’re excellent enough.

It’s too simple to assume you’re no longer good enough to get via difficult situations. have a look at your skills. tell your self that you are superior and you could handle anything that may probably be thrown at you. consider in your self.

9. Face truth.

Don’t attempt to disguise from issues that existing themselves. Come head to head with them and persevere no matter what. It’s a tricky thing to do, that’s for sure. look for options in strange locations.

10. Prepare yourself for busy times.

When weighed down by using being too busy, prioritize your jobs unless existence turns into more manageable. Sticking to a plan will mean you can get again on track. start each day with the most rapid job to your list.

11. Inspire and help others.

Take each probability to be a source of hope and encouragement to others. having a look outward as an alternative of inward provides chance for you to contribute to the well-being of others. Your happiness and self belief ranges will rise.

12. Make every day sparkle.

as an alternative of letting doubts, issues and fears about what may happen creep into your day, search for the right way to make your day sparkle. Be sure about the excellent issues that lie ahead. You don’t be aware of what these issues could be, but that’s ok. You’ll move forward with pleasure and braveness. Shawn Achor’s TED talk, methods to Make the present more certain, includes some stress-free ideas for staying sure and centered.

13. Be stuffed with thanks.

occupied with all those issues which are going right for your life, keeps life in perspective. be thankful for the now – for where you are in this day and age. now could be the start of massive issues to come. Being grateful helps you see there’s so much that usually is taken as a right. Gratitude improves productiveness and leads to happiness.

14. Schedule play time.

for your body to remain in steadiness, you need to have work time and play time. Your mind and mind will take advantage of varying what you do each day, particularly if you happen to embrace some fun time on your time table. practice this with diligence and see how you are feeling. There’ll be a spring for your step – even a long-lasting smile.


15. Get bodily.

Spend some time outside daily. Being physical, via cardio activities, offers you the energy to carry you during the troublesome times. train will will let you reach your targets. You’ll be charged with enthusiasm for all issues positive.

16. Take day trip.

Take regular psychological breaks similar to mindfulness. Being aware allows you to be extra accepting of your self. take a seat someplace quiet. Breathe in to energize all of your physique. As you breathe out, consider that nervousness and pressure are leaving your body.

17. Stay related.

Spend time with folks whose firm you experience. It’s essential to remain connected to family and friends, so you have got people who can encourage you. You’ll delight in their fortify.

18. Be an optimist.

remember that life consists of hill and valley cycles. This doesn’t mean that you react positively to good days and feel down-in-the-dumps on the not-so-good days. It manner being positive that the good days beforehand will carry you during the very troublesome days, without struggling excess stress.


19. Giggle frequently – and “reside fortunately ever after”.

Laughing will help you cope higher with any tough state of affairs. of course it’s now not easy to laugh when you’re going via a tough patch. but lightening up whilst you see a humorous sign along the best way, or smiling back at anyone who is excited, can do wonders for you. You’ll have a bubble and sparkle that wasn’t there sooner than.

At last . . . . .

Let the stepping stones metaphor remind you that despite life’s inevitable missteps, many profitable alternatives and moments lie beforehand. The crucial factor just isn’t what in reality occurs as you commute through lifestyles, howeverthe way you respond to what occurs.

make a selection to make use of some of these 19 stepping stones . . . . . and revel in a happier, calmer and extra productive lifestyles as you research to empower yourself.