4 Things To Know About Your Heart



The human heart is a beautiful thing in so many different ways. Physically, it is our center and keeps our greatest life force, our blood, pumping through to the tip of every extremity and back again. It brings us oxygen and vitality, and is miraculously strong for it’s modest size. Spiritually and emotionally one could argue the heart is even more powerful and essential.

It is still our center and it is where our spiritual strength resides. The heart chakra is called Anahata. This is a sanskrit word which means “unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten”. Somehow I don’t think I have ever heard a phrase so fitting for the organ.

We cannot always control our hearts, and at times we find ourselves caught in a battle between head and heart, wishing we could find a compromise. In the end though, brilliant and logical as the mind may be, there is just no fighting that brave untamed heart that beats within us. The most important thing we can do is learn how to speak and listen to our heart, to understand the messages it is giving us, so that we can live an authentic life. Below you will read 4 things you need to know in order to achieve this.

1. Let go of your expectations, be open to the alternative.

The heart is unpredictable. Even if you have had past experiences that you feel might give you insight into your reaction to something, there is simply no real way to know how it will make you feel. Believing that you should or will feel a certain way in respect to something and then being unexpectedly greeted with a totally different emotion can be very confusing and frustrating.

Our head may even try to correct this issue by trying to force the expected emotion to happen, which of course is not going to end well for anyone. Don’t deny your real feelings. Be open to possible surprises in emotion. It’s okay to feel differently than you thought you would, and you must acknowledge what’s happening before you can adapt and move forward.

2. Your heart and your concept of it.

The head and the heart are really a team, overall. They need to work in conjunction with each other in order for us to be fully functional human beings. This is why it is essential not to overuse one or the other. Many people get caught up immediately trying to analyze and dissect every emotion they feel the moment they feel it, and this is a mistake.

You need to let yourself really sit with a feeling for a while before you can start inputting it as data into your brain. There is a subtle, spiritual process that needs to happen first, before anything else. When those feelings start bubbling up, let them rest for a moment. Don’t be in a rush to start overthinking anything. Don’t let your head try to tell your heart what to do right away, just let the heart do as it pleases.

3. Have courage.

The heart is always a risk-taker. The heart runs wild and free and never slows down or cowers before a challenge. Occasionally of course, there are situations in which the head must come into play and keep us grounded in reality or slow our pace a bit so that we stay safe and protected, but the heart is a thrill seeker. Be brave enough to follow where it leads. Take the adventure, explore the unknown! Let that beautiful bold heart lead you to the ends of the Earth and back.

4. Do not deny your heart.

Sometimes that brave heart of ours can get us into trouble. Things go wrong, people disappoint us, maybe we get hurt. Such is life. Even from the darkest days and the worst pain, we will learn something. We will gain strength and live to fight another day. It’s tempting, once one has gone through this pain, to shut down and deny your feelings. Many believe they can avoid getting hurt again this way, and perhaps it’s true, but they will also never feel true joy or love or ecstatic beauty this way. As hard as it is, you should never deny what your heart feels. Do not push it down, do not shut it out. For every tragedy, there will be victory and light again, but you have to be open and ready to receive it.

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.”