5 Healthy Habits That Can Actually Be Harmful


these 5 healthy habits can actually be harmful: Make Breakfast Your Biggest Meal, Drink Eight Glasses of Water Daily, Avoid Fat Intake, Make Up For Lost Sleep On Weekends, Exercise Vigorously Daily, No Matter What breakfast should be lighter, water should be drank only when you are thirsty, you can eat fat derived from mustard, coconut oils, nuts and avocados, never sleep long in the weekends, and exercise should be done only at times when you are not having any aches and PMS as well.

Make Breakfast Your Biggest Meal

The importance of eating lighter at breakfast and dinner, and eating the most quantity at lunchtime instead. The reason for this is that we follows a natural circadian rhythm. We are solar powered creatures, and so we must follow the sun’s course in our daily lives to be abidingly health.

The state of your digestion is believed to be a reflection of one’s overall health. We have our greatest digestive capacity at the time of day when the sun has fully risen, which happens between 12-1 p.m., the time recommends we eat a large lunch. Having grown up eating larger breakfasts and dinners, my health and digestion definitely thank me now for making lunch my heaviest meal.

Drink Eight Glasses of Water Daily

Only drink water (or any other liquid, for that matter) when we are thirsty—but not otherwise. Excess water intake (which occurs when we drink beyond our thirst level) is, in fact, a causative factor for obesity, skin problems, digestive, and many other health challenges.
If you’re actually thirsty enough to drink 8 glasses, do so. If not, don’t.

Avoid Fat Intake

As a society that has unprecedented rates of obesity, it is very easy to want to practice avoiding fat consumption altogether. Modern western and ancient medicine both agree that we actually do need some fat to be healthy, regardless of how fat we may be—it just must be the right kind of fat. The fat derived from ghee (clarified butter), mustard and coconut oils, nuts and avocados is considered healthy.

Additionally teaches, however, is that these fats can only increase your health to the extent that you can digest them. While an obese person will benefit from having some fat in his or her diet (ideally in the form of ghee), it must be a relatively small quantity to be able to help.
Having a relatively strong digestive capacity, overcoming the fear of fat and mindfully consuming it has given me a greater overall sense of satisfaction from eating. Anyone close to me, in fact, can attest to my now undying love of ghee!

Make Up For Lost Sleep On Weekends

There is this idea that we can accumulate sleep debt during the work week and repay it over the weekend by sleeping in. Having once heavily subscribed to this belief, I now strive to maintain a regular sleep pattern, as good sleep habits are considered one of the three pillars of health. Try sleeping by 10:30 p.m. at the latest and awakening no later than 6 a.m. regularly and you, too, will feel the difference.

Exercise Vigorously Daily, No Matter What

I will proudly raise my hand to tell you I fell (hard) for this so-called healthy habit, too, and suffered from all sorts of aches, pains, and cracking joints as a result. There is no one-size-fits-all prescription for exercise—how much, how long, what kind, when, as well as our own individual strength are all factors that play important roles in determining our ideal exercise habits. A woman should never exercise during her menstrual cycle and exercise is also contraindicated when we are ill, infirm, or already completely exhausted from excess travel, work, study, etc.

We can exercise more vigorously in the winter and spring months, as we feel physically stronger during these times. The heat and dryness of summer and early fall cause very vigorous exercise to deplete and exhaust us; a gentler routine is recommended at this time.