7 Avoidable Ways You’re Damaging Your Hair


One of the hardest parts about being female is taking care of your hair. Okay, there may be worse things in life, but you know what I mean.

It’s a daily struggle— to wash or not to wash? to let it go natural or risk damage with heat styling? The list goes on and on.

There are so many (easy) ways you can damage your hair and just as many products designed to battle said damage that life can get a bit complicated for women.

So, I’ve created a straightforward list of avoidable ways you may not realize your hurting your hair and some products to aid you in the never ending battle of breakage.

7. Ponytails And Messy Buns


Yup, something so simple and everyday could be wrecking havoc on your hair!

My stylist had to explain to me why my top layer of hair was so damaged while my bottom layer was about four inches longer. The culprit? Messy buns! It’s a total bummer that something so easy and cute can damage your hair, but the truth hurts.

Opt for low pony-tails instead, and save the messy buns for when you really need it.

6. Overusing Dry Shampoo


According to an article in Cosmo, using dry shampoo on a regular basis may give you some not-so-nice results. Basically, dry shampoo is “like piling on powder to cleanse an oily face,” Cosmo said. Which can clog hair follicles and lead to irritating bacteria. Yikes!

They recommend using a shampoo that’s labeled for scalp and hair when you do wash out your locks.

5. Sleeping Not-So Beauty


All right, this is where it gets downright ridiculous: sleeping can actually damage your princess-like locks!

Cotton pillow cases can cause pulling on your hair during the night, according to Style Caster. So, it’s best to opt for silky smooth or satin linen. If this is out of the question, try wrapping your hair in a silk scarf before you hit the sheets.

Other ways to avoid hurting your hair during your slumber include twisting it into a topknot and securing with a scrunchie— not an elastic band! And by brushing it for several minutes before bed to spread the nature oils throughout.

4. Brushing While Wet


Brushing wet hair promotes stretching of the strands, which leads to breakage. Even towel drying your wet hair can harm it— opt for a softer cloth, such as a shirt. You can also go with a wide tooth comb instead of a brush if you do need to detangle fresh out of the shower hair.

Remember, be gentle with your just-washed strands!

3. Not Using Protection


Some women may break out those hot tools without the proper protection, and it’s time to put an end to the damage! Always use some type of heat protectant when blow drying, curling or straightening your hair. Always.

Not sure where to start? Check out Joico products, which seem to be a salon favorite, or ask your stylist for their recommendations.

2. Brushing All Wrong


Apparently, women really should start brushing from the bottom up to get out those nasty tangles before pulling on the roots. Sounds about right!

1. Bleaching The Life Out


This should be a gimme— bleaching your hair over and over is no good! It causes damage like nothing you’ve ever seen before, which inevitably leads to the dreaded breakage. I recommend doing any dye jobs with a professional and avoiding those at-home bleach kits.