8 Beer Hacks You Didn’t Know Even Existed


Nothing really quite beats a pint after a long hard working day, but besides drinking it, there can also be some other alternatives to using beer – most of them you may not have even heard about either.

The latest infographic from Serenata Flowers has looked at eight practical ways of using and storing your beer that will be sure to impress at your next house party. For example, filling an ice cube tray up with beer and letting them freeze into beer cubes can be a pretty awesome way of keeping your beer cool. Having ice in your pint of beer is unheard of, after all, so how about having iced beer in your beer instead.

For anyone who’s a bit clumsy and often finds their bottle opener misplaced, using an A4 piece of paper and folding it a certain way so you can lodge it underneath the beer can help to make a really useful makeshift bottle opener. There’s also the great suggestion of during Halloween or Oktoberfest, involving your beer in the celebrations and using a pumpkin for a keg.