Alphabet DIY Wall Art


Looking for an inexpensive way to decorate a large section of a bare wall? Paper mache letters are not only inexpensive but super easy to work with and light enough to hang up. Plus, who doesn’t love to see the alphabet up on a wall?! Let’s get started on this super cute piece of DIY wall art!

Supplies needed to make your own alphabet DIY wall art:

  • 8″ Paper Mache Letters (all except for “O”)
  • Paper Mache Heart (edges trimmed)
  • Spray Gesso or White Spray Paint
  • High Temp Glue Gun/Sticks
  • Saw Tooth Hangers (optional)

First things first, you’re going to want to lay out all the letters and move them around until you’re happy with how they look. Take a picture so you can reference the layout after spray painting the letters.

alphabetwallart01smI spray painted my letters (except for the I, heart, and u) with Gesso Spray because it’s what I happened to have on hand. I really liked how matte it turned out!

alphabetwallart02smAfter the paint has dried, all that’s left to do is connect the letters together with a high temp hot glue gun. You’re going to want to do row by row, very patiently. Push the letters together the entire time that the glue is drying in order to get a solid connection. Using a high temp glue gun will give you a little more time to make sure the letters are in the right place (as opposed to a low temp glue gun that solidifies quicker).

alphabetwallart03smAdd another layer of security by gluing the back of the letters together as well.

alphabetwallart04smWait until the letters are completely done before moving anything! You wouldn’t want to have pieces falling apart as you try and hang your DIY wall art! I chose to just lean it up against the wall, but you could always glue some saw tooth hangers to the back if you want it completely on the wall.

alphabetwallart07smOne more hint…make sure all the letters are facing the right direction before you glue them in place! ;D Hope you enjoyed this DIY wall art tutorial and it helps fill that empty space on your wall in a super cute and super reasonable way!