Brilliant Decorating Hacks that Will Change Your Life


Decorating is something that for me can be super stressful. I want to make everything look absolutely perfect, and it’s hard to get it all done just right. SO here are a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned are super helpful.


First thing you’ll need to know is how absolutely amazing command hooks are. They will be so useful.


Ever worry about spacing the nails for your pictures right? Painters tape will solve that problem. Thanks to I Heart Nap Time for the idea!


Everyone has things on their wall that are necessary, but definitely not pretty. The Third Boob had the awesome idea to use a canvas picture and a hinge to cover that AC control.

Another alternative to hide those things that you need to have on your side table, but don’t necessarily want to be super visible is to hollow out an old book and use it to hide your router. Thanks Awesome Inventions for the idea.

If you want to create a subtle pop of color without breaking the bank you can paint the sides of your doors. It’s unexpected and won’t take more than a sample can of paint. Radical Possibility gets all the credit for this easy and awesome idea.

Considering covering up that unused fireplace in your living room? Use it instead like they did Alvhem! Take some candles of various sizes and light them in there for an easy cozy look.

Add a cool effect to any room by coating the inside of a lampshade with glitter. It’s an easy fix that can create an awesome scene. If you’re not into the whole getting glitter all over everything.

Painting the walls a little more than halfway up will give the illusion that the ceilings are higher than they actually are and create the feeling of a bigger space.  Thanks At Home in Love for the tip.

Decorative vases are classic and chic. To make it less expensive and to make sure your candles sit properly, set your candles on an old can. Just put filling all around until it’s covered and you’re good to go! Buzzfeed gave us this idea and we love it.