Campfire Tarts


All you need are 3 ingredients, and of course the Tarts On Fire sticks…

Campfire Tarts (4)

1.WrapCampfire Tarts (5)

2. Toast

Campfire Tarts (6)

3. Fill and garnish

Campfire Tarts (7)

Campfire Tarts (8)

4. Enjoy and share!

Campfire Tarts (9)


  • 1 package refrigerated, small biscuits (I used Pillsburry Jr. Grands)
  • 2 (21 oz) cans pie filling such as apple, blueberry, raspberry, cherry
  • canned whipped cream
  • Special equipment: Tarts On Fire Sticks


  • Evenly wrap and mold 1 biscuit dough around the outside of the stainless steel cup of each Tarts On Fire Stick (no greasing necessary). Roast over an open flame, rotating frequently until golden brown (don’t hold them over a smokey area or directly in the fire), about 1 – 2 minutes. Remove toasted biscuit from stainless steel cup (it should easily glide right off), fill with your favorite pie filling and top with whipped cream. Easy as that! Now devour =).