Christmas Flownship Candle Jar



One of the things I love most about handmade items is their uniqueness.

No one else will have exactly the same piece… even if they follow the exact same instructions.

This is definitely one of those projects.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A clean empty jar. I used a medium sized coffee jar.
  • 1 piece of dark coloured scrapbook paper… mine was a charcoal grey.
  • Template
  • Stationery supplies: paper, pencil, ruler, craft knife (or scalpel).
  • Santa Snow.
  • Epsom Salts and clear glue.
  • 1 x tea light candle.


1. Start by measuring the circumference of your jar. Mine was 30 cm, which is the width of a piece of scrapbook paper.

2. Determine how high you want your township to extend. My highest point is 9 cm high.

3. I sketched my township onto the paper, creating a skyline of several different houses and trees.

4. Cut out the silhouette with a sharp craft knife.

5. Allow an extra centimetre at one end to use as a tab to glue the two ends together.

6. I sprayed the top third of the outside of the jar with a light misting of Santa Snow. When it was dry, I applied a bead of clear glue around the top of the jar and sprinkled with Epsom Salts.

7. Place a tealight candle in the jar and then fill the remainder of the base around the candle with Epsom Salts.

8. Wrap your township silhouette around the outside of the jar and glue the two ends together.

The amount of detail you include on this project is limited only by your imagination and your cutting skills.

I kept mine fairly simple as I needed to make quite a few of them. I‘m intending to use them on a long table for a casual dinner party.