Common Household Items Can Be Used In Infinite Ways


Everyone has a ton of household items which only serve one purpose, or so you think.

Sometimes these items don’t get used in traditional ways. Should you throw them away? Should you force them into yet another corner of your junk drawer? Instead, why not organize these items and use them for some cool and creative uses? Here are some awesome ideas to create cool things from items you already have lying around.

Using these tips will make your life a lot easier and save you loads of time and money! Be sure to SHARE with family and friends!

1. Clothes Hanger

Turn your clothes hanger into a multi-level jewelry hanger!



2. Rubber Band

Use rubber bands to wrap around paint canisters to use as excess paint removers.



3. Straws

No more static cling by using a simple safety pin!



4. Safety Pins

Static cling? Use a safety pin to eliminate it.



5. Water Bottle

Transform empty water bottles into the perfect egg yolk removers!



6. Buttons

No more losing your earrings when you combine them with buttons for the perfect holding solution.



7. Kneaded Eraser

You can use erasers to get rid of scuff marks on wood and leather.



8. Paper Clip

Use paper clips to fasten your bracelets easily without any assistance.



9. Emery Board

Have scuffs on your suede shoes or other suede items? Emery boards can get rid of them!



10. Shower Curtain Rings

Along with a hanger, you can create the perfect scarf holder using all those extra shower curtain rings you have.



11. Rubber Bands

You can also use rubber bands around doorknobs, to silently open and shut doors or if you need to push through doors easily when you are moving items from room to room, this is a great solution as well.



12. Glasses Case

Ditch those broken shades, but keep the cases as these can be perfect for earbuds or USB cord storage.



13. Socks

These can be your perfect solution for packing purposes. No need to go out and pay for bubble wrap when you can simply take your socks and wrap them in items for protection when shipping something or traveling.



14. Laundry Pretreater

Think those stickers won’t come off? Try some laundry pretreater and you will be very surprised at how adhesives can come off with ease.



15. Bread Tags

These make for the perfect labeling system! Attach these to cords and never be confused as to what cord is going where!



16. Chocolate Insert

Don’t throw these out! Clean them and then put them in your drawers for quick and easy storage of all those little things: tacks, clips, small rubber bands and so forth.



17. Dryer Sheets

You can actually dust floorboards using dryer sheets! They actually repel dust making them perfect for floor cleaning.



18. Wrapping Paper Tubes

You can wrap linen and other cloth items around paper tubes. This prevents having them wrinkled and makes for excellent storage as well.



19. Spoons Under Running Water To Remove Onion Smell From Hands

You can get rid of that onion smell from your hands simply by rubbing your hands on a stainless steel spoon under water. Amazing, and it does work!



20. Parmesan Cheese Shaker

These have many uses, one being plant fertilizer to use outdoors in your garden. Popcorn kernels and rice containers are other options.



21. Straws

Want the perfect firm standing flower? Simply put straws on the ends and then put them in a vase.



22. Newspaper

Crumple up some old newspaper and you have the perfect material for shining up dark leather shoes. Works instantly too!



23. Cooking Spray

Want to get rid of those squeaks? All you need to do is grab a can of cooking spray and apply a little to the squeaky culprit.



24. Rubber Gloves

Always have at least one rubber glove around for those hard to unscrew jars. You get a much better grip and unscrewing becomes a cinch!



25. Sticky Notes

Got a little gunk in those hard to reach cracks and crevices? No worries. Take the sticky part and go to town. You will be easily able to reach the dirt and dust this way.



26. Wide Tooth Comb

If your comb gets nasty, don’t throw it out. Use it unravel those stubborn knotted up tassels in carpets and rugs.



27. Flower Pot Saucer

Perfect for storing your toilet plunger or toilet brush. You can easily collect the residue and dispose promptly.



28. Shower Caps

These are excellent for storing your shoes. It’s not a good idea exposing your dirty shoe soles to the rest of your clothes, so use a shower cap to keep everything else clean.



29. Pillow Case

These are great for protecting your hanging clothes. Just cut out a hole on the closed end, put your item on the hanger, then put your pillow case over the item with the hook part coming out of the hole.



30. Coffee Mate Lids

Are you sick of those difficult to open mason jar lids? Actually these plastic lids will fit perfectly over the mason jars and can provide easier access.



31. Candle Stub

You can use the nubs of candles for pin cushions!



32. Tissue Boxes

These are perfect for storing all those plastic bags which you accumulate. They fit in perfectly and can easily be removed one by one when you are in need.



33. Paper Plates

These are perfect as plate protectors. Just put them in between your favorite plates and you will avoid scratches.



34. Coffee Filters

Prevent dirt from spilling through flower pots when watering.



35. Sponges

Use the sponges which have one scratchy side to them. You can then remove those pesky pilings from sweaters by gently rubbing the scratchy side against them.



36. Penny

You can actually add a penny and a little sugar to your vase and this is said to give the effect of longer lasting flowers!



37. Mesh Fruit Bag

Out of sponges? No problem. Ball up a mesh fruit bag and you can use it as a scouring pad to clean dishes!



38. Toothbrush Holder

These make for the perfect makeup utensil holders.



39. Pill Bottle

Perfect to use for change. Specifically for parking meter change. Always keep one in your car and you’ll never be without extra change.



40. Clear Nail Polish

You can actually use these over buttons to protect the thread from getting loose over time.



41. Soda Tab

Want two hangers in one? Soda tabs can make it happen!



42. White Vinegar

Need to get rid of weeds? Don’t want to use nasty chemicals? Simply use vinegar in a spray bottle and eliminate those annoying weeds easily and effectively.



43. Bar of Soap

Soap can work wonders for those stubborn zippers. Just rub on the front and back and it will eventually budge.



Some of these really blew me away, I just wish I knew them earlier! I love finding double duties for everyday items, and can’t wait to try some new tricks! If you love to find new little life tricks too, please SHARE with your family and friends.’