DIY Bedroom Projects for Men


Men don’t necessarily need to have a man cave just to make a place their own. Just by adding a couple of furniture here and there can turn a simple bedroom into a bedroom fit for a king. So when my friend asked me how he can make his bedroom show who he is, I rounded up a couple of DIY bedroom project ideas for him to make. If you also want to make your bedroom look manlier and try your skills in a few woodworking projects, check out this list!

1. Concrete Block Furniture Ideas


image via DIY Ready

2. Hockey Stick Picture Holder


Upcycle an old hockey stick or add it as a DIY decor by turning it into a picture holder.


3. DIY Baseball Curtain Rod Ends


image via by Trish Sutton

For the baseball fan! It may give you a reason to have curtains in your bedroom. See how here.

4. Sliding Barn Door


image via Epbot

Believe me, you’ll just need less than $100 to make this rustic DIY door.


5. Pegboard Baseball Cap Organizer


image via Jenna Burger

Got a lot of caps? This is a great way to organize and showcase your amazing collection. Tutorial here.


6. Avengers Wooden Floating Shelves


image via Kaley Crafts

This is a great inspiration great for anyone who loves the Avengers.


7. DIY Trunk to Rolling Bar Project


image via Apartment Therapy

Every men’s bedroom needs a rolling bar right? Tutorial here.


8. DIY Ax Key Holder


It isn’t just an accent piece… It may come in handy one day.


9. Guitar Shelf


Beautifully made but it still hurts a bit to see a guitar like this. Try this only if you have one that’s broken.


10. Console Cabinet IKEA Hack


image via The Metapicture

Got a game console collection? This will work wonders for your bedroom.