I am so excited to finally share the full tutorial on the blog. I can honestly say that this is my favorite DIY of the year. It was inspired by the variety of the wrap skirts I’ve seen from the runway to more independent designers (here). And I had to recreate it in white, my favorite color of the season, or should I say non-color.

– about 2 yards of heavy fabric (I used white denim)
– 10 – 11″ open end zipper
– scissors
– sewing pins
– sewing thread
– sewing machine
– metal snap
– fabric marking pen

1. Cut a length of fabric, about 65″ long. Fold the the top lengthwise edge about 1 1/2″ down.  Pin in place.
2. Sew thinned edge.
3. Do the same for the widthwise edge (wearer’s left).  Pin and sew this edge.
4 and 5.  Wrap the skirt onto your body like the photos.  Making a slight V shape in the center.
6. Then, fold the other widthwise edge , so that it angles across your body like the photo.  Pin this edge.  Pin this folded edge, to prep for sewing.
7. Sew this edge, and cut the leftover off.
8. Re-wrap the skirt around your body.  Mark where the snap should be placed with a fabric marking pen on the inside of the skirt.
9. Hand sew the snap in place.
10. Pin the zipper in place.  The wearer’s right side of the zipper will be placed under the angled fabric edge, and the wearer’s left side of the zipper will placed on the topside of the skirt.  Sew in place.
11. Try the skirt on and pin the bottom hem, starting from the wearer’s left side of the zipper, and slowing angling the hem to the wearer’s right side of the zipper, where I pinned it about 2″ below that zipper end.  Sew the hem, and cut the excess fabric off.
12. If you notice that there is too much fabric around the waist, try adding 2 darts equidistant from the center back.