Diy Faux Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass


I love vintage milk glass. I wish I had a collection of hobnail milk glass to display in an open cabinet.

Blog Hobnail-001[5]

Until I start my collection of vintage milk glass, I thought I’d try a diy version using a method I’ve seen many times on craft sites and blogs.

Blog Hobnail[2]

To make the hobnails you need craft puffy paint. I bought this puffy paint almost a year ago with the intention of making this project and then forgot about it. I thought I bought white but apparently I grabbed glow in the dark puffy paint. My knock off Fenton will probably be glowing at night… oh well.

To make a faux hobnail vase, start with a clean piece of glass and dot on your puffy paint. The paint takes about 4 hours to dry but I let mine dry overnight. Once your puffy paint is dry, cover the entire glass with several light coats of white spray paint. Finish with a coat of gloss clear spray paint.

Hobnail 8[6]

Now, I’m sure the artisans at Fenton would be laughing at my attempt at milk glass hobnail but I’m quite thrilled with it.
Hobnail 5[6]

Add some pretty flowers that you borrowed from a neighbor…

Hobnail 7[2]

and enjoy!