Button Craft for KidsAll you need for this craft is a bunch of buttons (I used some we picked up in the dollar area at Michaels – darn you Michaels for making me buy ALL THE BUTTONS, ALL THE TIME!), some glue, and a piece of card stock with a heart on it

Button Craft SuppliesI applied the glue and let Claire choose the buttons and apply them. I told her to put the flat side of the buttons in the glue, and she got it. I moved a couple of buttons here and there, but really? She did this almost entirely on her own.

Pink Buttons

Gluing ButtonsI liked this craft because it was easy and required minimal supervision on my part…and it turned out SO DARN CUTE. Claire liked it because she could do it herself, and I loved seeing how proud she was of the finished product!

Framed Button HeartEasy, cheap, and cute…my kind of craft!