Fun and Easy Nail Designs for Beginners


Hello girls, do you want to adorn you nails but you do not have any experience with nail art? Okay girls, before deciding to wear fake nail designs, you had better look at some easy nail designsbelow. I bet that you do not need to go to a beauty salon for them. They are really simple and practicable at home. Girls, for your first project, you can begin from the simplest nail designs. There are many ideas you can apply to adorn your nails with simple but nice nail arts.

The following are some ideas of easy nail designs that you can try from home. You do not need to go a beauty salon for them:

Polka dot nail designs. They are the simplest projects you can do as a beginner. Polish the nail surface with white and draw the dots on the nails. You can try polka dot nail designs for tips or nail designs that form certain shapes, such as dog’s face or berry.
Simple stripes are the next choices. You can try black and white stripes in horizontal or vertical lines.
Plaid nail designs; they can be made by drawing simple blocks of two color on the nail surface. Checkerboard nail designs are the examples
French tips; they are the choice for a minimalistic look. You can paint the nail tips in plain or patterned motifs.

There are many other ideas, which you can apply. Look at the following collections of easy nail designs. Sure, you can do them at home, girls!

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