Mermaid Necklaces

We made our necklaces a little bit differently than those shown in the book, but that’s the beauty of kids activities {including the ones in our ebook}- most are open to interpretation.  Here’s what we used to make our ‘mermaid necklaces’, as Miss G named them…  Seashells with holes drilled in them, two types of glitter glue,glass gems,  glitter, hemp cord, and scissors.



Because our holes were sort of in the middle of the shells, we started by threading our hemp cord through the holes before G started adding generous globs of glitter glue.



After the squeezable stuff, she added some brushable glitter glue for good measure too.



Then, she popped in a glass gem…



And some glitter.  A whole lot of glitter.



And while she made her purple, pink, and green version, I made a slightly less sparkly silver and blue one.



Pretty, aren’t they?



We made several more mermaid necklaces, and they all turned out beautifully!


To finish them off, I tied two simple slip knots just like I did with the pretty ombre wooden bead necklaces we made last summer.


I think my little mermaid is pretty pleased with her new necklace, don’t you?