No-Sew Mini Blue Jean Purse


One more itty bitty blue jean upcycle idea for you.  This tiny purse is made from thesmall coin pocket inside the front pocket of a pair of Levis.

Make it in five little minutes, without sewing a stitch!  Set yer stopwatch – ready?  Here goes!

Cut the coin pocket away from the jeans, including a section of the waistband above the pocket.


Poke two holes, just below the waistband section.


Thread some cord through the holes; tie knots in front.

Now, when you fold the waistband down, it forms the front flap!  How groovy is that?

Stop yer stopwatches, people – your five minute blue jean mini purse is done!

Wasn’t that simple?  And it is a perfect blank slate, just waiting to be embellished.  Paint it, add buttons, pin on a brooch, glitter it up, whatever floats your boat.

I used a scrapbooking brad to add a layered flower to mine (seen in a previous post as ablue jean cocktail ring).  Here’s how:




That was easy, too, eh?

That little coin pocket is now my favorite part of a worn out pair o’ jeans!

Thanks for checking in, you guys – see you again soon.