Quick Bathroom Organization Ideas, Before and After Photos



I chose to revamp under my bathroom sink cabinets. I would say this is a VERY neglected space for me.


I don’t have a linen closet and have been storing towels in my closet while using the space under my cabinets as a place to throw random things… as you can obviously see by the before photos!


I wanted to make this space actually work for my needs of storing towels, hair accessories, make-up and nail polish.

Wayfair has so many great items to organize a small space, that it was hard to decide on just a few things. I love the new make-over, as now I’m able to keep my bathroom organized and countertops clean! I hope you enjoy this transformation and get some of these awesome products for your own space!

Now I can’t wait to open my bathroom cabinets. Check out my Bathroom Organization Ideas…

Bathroom Organization Ideas with Before and After Photos

Cabinet 1 Before



Wow! I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner? Most of what was in my cabinet was tossed out to make a lot of room for what I really needed.



I love my three tier glass container! I’m a visual person, so it helps for me to see what is in a container. I also thought I could use it later in my kitchen if I decided to switch things up.

The last I checked, this specific container was not available anymore at Wayfair, but this –> glass container is very similar.



The best thing I chose to do was get this —> hanging hair dyer and brush basket! It’s perfect for the cabinet door, as those are items I use daily and often leave out because I didn’t have a place for them. Now my hair accessories have a place!



I’m also seriously loving my new —> roll out shelf! I’m bad about washing my face at night, but now I’ve got my new favorite face cleanser, anti-aging serum and night cream in perfect sight so I won’t forget.


I love using baskets for extra shelf space. This was a perfect spot to put my new nail polish organizer! Really, every girl needs one of these! No more searching for my favorite color, they are always where they are supposed to be now.



Cabinet #2 Before



My husband doesn’t need much space, so I was able to reorganize this to work well for more of my things!


A different type of shelf worked great for this cabinet. I used lined baskets to store supplies, hair accessories and bathroom wipes.