Simple Steps To Make Your Hair Grow Fast



Hair loss is one of the most stressed thing and is being affected by people all over the world. They are many shampoos and the oils available in the market but they are not as much effective’m instead of that they have many side effects. Nowadays there are many therapies which is the treatment of hair loss but they are also not much effective. In order to prevent the hair loss and grow more hairs faster then you should try the homemade oil. By using this recipe for the longer hairs, then the hairs would not get damage by the exposure to the sun light. The potato in this recipe protects the hair roots and make them more strong. One of the oil which has all the natural ingredients is shown in the video. This can help to increase the length of the hairs and also stop hair fall.


What U Will Need


Steps Are As Follow

1 Pour the egg


2 Squeeze the lemon


3 Mix them properly


Apply this mixture on your hair and leave it for 20 mins or wait for to dry it.When it is dry completely wash your hair with shampoo no conditioner needed.

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