it was the first time my eyes were opened to the idea that spiritual, mindful, meditative and not meditative techniques could work to combat anxiety.


Here it is –

step 1.

Set a timer for 5 minutes.

step 2.

Lay on a flat, comfortable surface. The edge of a bed works well. That way, your feet can remain flat on the floor.

step 3.

Put one hand on your stomach, and one hand on your chest. Close your eyes.

step 4.

Slowly inhale deeply, focusing on breathing so deeply that you feel your stomach rise. Continue to inhale until you feel that your lungs are like balloons full of air, ready to pop, and your stomach is has risen substantially. Count to 10 as you inhale, striving to reach a total of 10 counts per inhale.

step 5.

SLOWLY exhale, allowing all breath to exit from your lungs and feeling your stomach as it too returns to resting state. Count to 10 as you exhale too, striving to reach a total of 10 counts per exhale. This is even more important in exhalation, as we tend to exhale far more quickly than we inhale.

step 6.

Focus on this inhalation and exhalation pattern for the next 5 minutes, particularly paying attention to feeling the breath fill up the emptiness starting from your stomach. Use your stomach as a gauge. Remember to count as you inhale and as you exhale – trying to reach 10 counts in each inhale and in each exhale.

Repeat this meditation twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

It gives your mind something to do while meditating, completely preoccupying any worried or anxious thoughts. Meanwhile, it works to calm you down and bring you to a place of centered peace.

Seriously, it works. Give it a try.