Wedding Hair Ideas You Can Do Yourself


Upgrade a classic plait with flowers intertwined along the length. Add texture on top with a dab of pomade. Rub the product into your fingers and brush into your hair with your fingertips.



For thicker hair, we recommend a fishtail braid. Keep it loose and finish with a flower crown around the head.



With a modern dress, the classic French twist doesn’t come off so old school. Bob length is just long enough to be able to twist the hair up at the nape. While twisting, smooth the side as you go for uniform shape.



We call this the “Waterfall Braid for Dummies.” But seriously, the style is much simpler for novices. Gather two sections of hair, twist them together, and let one piece fall. Then gather another strand and continue along the head.



After curling your hair with a 1-inch curling iron, only lightly brush them out with your fingertips. The key is to only loosen that perfect ringlet slightly. Then pull back one inch of hair at the part and clip in a flower just behind the ear.



Placing the sock bun at the nape keeps it from looking ballerina-esque. To recreate, all you need is a hair doughnut. Place a ponytail through the hole and wrap the hair around until the doughnut is no longer visible.



Contrast dark hair with white flowers. Curl the hair, leaving the top smooth. Gather sections behind the ear and clip in place at the center of the head. Finish the style with three white roses, preferably real ones.


This bun has the volume on top without a ton of product. Instead gather small sections into the bun at a time, twisting and pulling up slightly each time. Each pull adds a small amount of height.



Yes, you can wear a ponytail to your wedding. At bob length, the pony looks quirky. Keep away from cheerleader vibes with bold volume on top.


With gorgeous long hair, you don’t need to do much. Curl and then gather small sections of hair at the hairline and pin back. For that added lift, start with root lifting spray before blow drying.



This simple chignon requires four quick steps. First separate the hair in half—one section on top and another below. Gather the bottom section at the nape and tuck it under into the shape of the chignon. To add height to the style, pull the top section up slightly and then twist it around the bun, securing it with pins.



This Heidi braid looks more complicated than it really is, trust us. After creating big loose curls with a curling iron, section off one large section of hair behind the right ear—that’ll be the braid. Then gather the rest at the nape of the neck and makeshift a messy bun. Braid the remaining section, place it over the top of the head, and secure. Finish with flowers intertwined in the braid and bun.