Women Encouraged To Have Babies In Their 20s


Fertility experts are now urging women to start having babies way before they turn 30. Whoa, pressure much?

Dr. Geeta Nargund, who is the Medical Director of CREATE Fertility, believes women need to start reproducing at an earlier age, not from a social standpoint but a biological one.

Group of newborn babies

Today we hear more about infertility issues and not being able to reproduce naturally as women age into their 30s. It makes sense that a woman wants to first build her career and be stable in her marriage before starting a family.

Four years doing an undergrad, one year master’s degree, one year apprenticeship, two to three years practicing, and then add dating throughout the years and getting married on top of that. Then by the time a woman turns 30, her ovaries and egg supplies slow down, making it harder to conceive.

Many women are putting off pregnancy until it is too late, and they biologically find it hard to conceive and have to start looking at other options.

Some time ago, it was not uncommon for women to start reproducing in their late teens and early 20s. Today there is a stigma of teen pregnancy not necessarily being a good thing because in most cases there is no stable family support for the child.

Another main reason women are not having babies early in their 20s is because they generally cannot afford them. Not to mention it’s hard to find another partner who wants to have children at a young age as well and can financially support the family.

Women Encouraged To Have Babies In Their 20s

It is just not practical these days with the pressures of being successful in a career and also making sure one is financially independent.

So yes, women are encouraged to have babies earlier in life. But thanks to education, finding a job, and the desire to see the world before settling down, biology is not in sync with our way of life when it comes to parenthood. Something needs to change in this cycle though before it becomes increasingly difficult for some to have babies at all.