You Can Cheat Your Bad Hair Day By Using These 16 Simple Tricks


Every girl loves her hair, doesn’t she?

But bad hair day happens to the best of us. There are times when you wake up with hair that looks perfect and then there are days when your hair looks the worst and refuses to cooperate. Knots, grease, and unruly curls, we’ve all been there. And if washing is not an option, the situation gets worse. But, ladies, fret NOT.

Thanks to these simple hacks, now you can bid ‘bad hair’ day a farewell.

For starters, let’s have a look at some regular fixes:

1. You could go for a quick wash using a damp cloth


Use a damp cloth and rub gently over your hair including the roots for a quick wash. The greasiness reduces and you are good to go. It just takes 5 minutes to do this.


2. Or, tease your hair roots


Normally, it happens that the rest of your hair is okay, but the roots have developed oil. So, take a hairbrush and tease your roots. It will add volume to your hair and eventually, the greasiness fades.

3. Try the messy bun


This is a miracle. Take the bad hair day in your stride and adopt this technique. Take all of your hair and tie it in a knot.

Pro tip: Don’t use a comb. Use only your hands to assemble the hair and tie it up.


4. Use dry shampoo/ talcum powder


If your hair needs a wash but you know you won’t have time in the morning, use dry shampoo before you hit the pillow. If you don’t have a dry shampoo, you can use a talcum/baby powder. Use a toothbrush to apply some talcum powder over your roots. This is an effective way to reduce greasiness.


5. Braids to the rescue


Braids will never disappoint you. If your hair is greasy, go for a side braid look. It adds oomph to your hairdo. Assemble all of your hair to one side and braid your hair. You can try the messy braid.


6. …Partial braids


Or, if you are not a fan of side braids, you can take the top portion of your hair and braid it. Secure it with a bobby pin and you can let the rest of your hair loose.


7. Or, if there is oil in the front portion of your hair, just french-braid the upper portion.


This look totally rocks. If you can’t french braid, try braiding your hair tightly and tie them up at the back. You can use a hairspray to get the shiny look.


8. Try changing the partition

The easiest way to deal greasiness is changing the partition. If you normally part your hair on one side, you may try the different partition. It may have more volume and gives your hair a better shape.


9. Slick ponytails


Brush your hair into a sleek, side-parted low pony, as shown in the above picture.


10. Create beachy waves


Beachy waves are the perfect style to camouflage a bad hair day. Get them by wrapping wide sections of hair around a flat iron and you can use a fancy hair accessory to set them right.


11. Use a scarf


You can use a hair scarf and tuck the remaining hair like shown in the above image. It adds a lot of sass and looks a hell lot of stylish!

12. Go for a faux bob


If your long hair refuses to behave, you can give yourself an instant makeover with a faux bob. To make your hair look shorter, carefully pin it under the nape of your neck with bobby pins.


13. Topknot


Turn all that volume into a trendy textured bun. Make a high pony, twist it into a knot, and pin.


14. Bobby pins to the rescue


You can use hair accessories like bobby pins, colored bobby pins to add some drama to your locks. It shifts the focus from your unruly hair.

15. Don’t overplay

While you aim for the perfect look, don’t overplay it. It spoils the whole look.

16. Avoid hair straighteners


While your hair is already bad, try avoiding hair straighteners as much as you can.

These are just easy to use and quick hair fixes!

Did you just exhale a happy sigh? Try them out the next time.