You can never go wrong with these 5 Classic Makeup Looks


As much as we love to talk about (and try) the latest and greatest makeup trends, we’ll never forget about those classic, tried-and-true looks that we’ve been emulating since Mom let us wear makeup. There’s something to be said about looks that have dominated the beauty world for decades and even centuries (yes, centuries). To pay homage to these classics, we decided to roundup our favorites for ya! Take a look and let us know which one is your go-to. And don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with picking all five!

1: Red Lip


Of all the makeup looks, only one has truly withstood the test of time and can even be traced as far back as Ancient Egypt (they say Cleopatra rocked it on the regular). That’s right, we’re referring to the bright red lip. For centuries, a crimson pout has been the go-to for ladies looking to give their look an instant boost. It’s funny how one little tube can bring such happiness to our lives and lift our self-esteem in seconds. We salute you, red lipstick.

2: Cat Eye


That retro cat eye will always reign supreme in the eye makeup department. Not only does it give our eye area a little lift and definition, but it also delivers some serious sass.

3: Smoky Eye


Nothing helps us turn on the smolder quite like the smoky eye. All you need is a little liner, coal-colored eye shadow and a good blending brush, and you’ve got eyes that will mesmerize anyone who walks your way.

4: Fresh-Faced


The girl-next-door-look that has been synonymous with radiant skin, and pretty, rosy cheeks has been praised in everything from songs and movies to high-end fashion magazines. And with good reason: This no-makeup makeup look allows your natural features to really shine!

5: Matte Makeup


All-matte everything has been a consistent look for as long as we can remember! And, even though dewy, glowing complexions pop in on the trend track from time to time, matte makeup has remained a constant in the beauty world (with no plans on leaving any time soon!).