You’ll Fall Head Over Heels for Our Conversation Heart Confetti


Here’s the deal: We LOVE the silly sayings on conversation hearts, but we’re not totally in love with the somewhat chalky candy they appear on. I mean, they’re a classic Valentine’s sweet but are in serious need of an upgrade. Instead of busting out our edible food markers and best hand-lettering skills, we decided to make our own conversation hearts… in confetti form!

– confetti heart printable template.

– color printer (or access to one)
– heart craft punch

First things first, get your materials together.

Next, time to cut your paper into strips that are easy to punch.

And then… punch! Make sure you center the phrase in the part that’ll get punched out.

Perfect for your little peanut.

After a serious amount of punching, this is probably what your workspace will look like.

How awesome is all of this confetti?!

Let’s cuddle.

Shake it like a Polaroid picture.